Our Recent Work: Sustainable Energy Planning communications.

Sustainable Waste to Energy project uses tracked leaflet delivery to keep residents updated on the planning process.

Properties Reached
£ 0
Money Saved
£ 10000000
Development Project Value

      Introduction: We were contacted 10 days prior to these letters needing to be delivered to addresses. Our client needed a company who were flexible & could be quicker than the Royal Mail timeline restraints. They approached us with a letter to be delivered to all residential & commercial addresses based on a select boundary map area. It was crucial that all residents received these letters as it was a highly sensitive capping in this area.  

Our solution:  Using our software we mapped out how many addresses (residential & commercial) were in this area (15,000). Deliver leaflets entirely on there own to local residents most effected by the works first, then work out. Through our professionally tracked team of delivery staff. Working to the deadline for the public consultation event.

Result: Using our GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution service working to set timelines, starting at houses most affected & working outwards to a boundary map we managed to save them over £8,000.00 in mailing costs. As always providing our client with a satellite route map of all our tracked leaflet delivery staff to show delivery.