Why GPS Tracking is a Necessity

No matter what kind of company you are big or small if you use or are thinking about using leaflet distribution your main concern is if they are going to actually be distributed. There is a lot of companies who charge very cheap compared to others but don’t send you anything to confirm they have been distributed you just have to take their word for it, there is also some that will only send you roads that were distributed to, but how does this prove they have been distributed?

GPS Tracking?

If you want the best results from leaflet distribution and confidence that your leaflets have been distributed you need to choose a company offering GPS Tracked Distribution. GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is a worldwide accurate navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver, it is used in leaflet distribution to track distributers.

Here’s 3 reasons why it is so useful:

1. Confidence – This is key if you are not confident that your leaflets are being distributed then you will waste your time worrying, stressing and trying to find out if they have been distributed or not, with GPS Tracking the maps sent to you should put your mind at ease.

2. Monitoring – At Distribooter we send our customers satellite images of the routes covered (as seen above) this ensures our customers can see every road covered and how long it took as well as dates and times taken to cover each area. From these maps customers can monitor where they have and haven’t yet distributed to, otherwise without these how would they know?

3. Market Research – These GPS Tracked satellite images can be used as customer interest maps, every time you get a call or email from your leaflet you can pin point on your distribution maps where that call has came from, after a while you will have a good insight to which areas your main interest is from and can then target that area more or change your leaflet for the areas that didn’t show much interest.





 Author: Adam Bassett | Managing Director | Distribooter Limited