Introducing GPS Tracking

The most common question we get asked is ‘How do I know my leaflets are being delivered’.

Well the answer to this is simple, we now track our distributors by GPS, making sure all roads on the routes given have been covered. We also give you daily/ weekly updates via your mobile/ email so you can rely on us giving you a high quality service!

BV9y7q5IUAAR2N6How it works?

We give our distributors small devices to put into their pockets or bags which tracks where they go, once done we receive back the device and upload their distribution onto our system which then shows us a satellite image of where they have been shown through a line like seen above. With this we can then upload into Google earth and zoom into specific places on the routes and view times, dates, speeds and other specification as seen below. So once your distribution has been completed if you would like a copy of this we can send it you our customers!




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