5 Top Tips For An Effective Leaflet Campaign

Marketing in business is key as many successful entrepreneurs have stated. But for most businesses they do not have a huge marketing budget to work with, instead they have a small budget which is why so many small local businesses and large international franchises use leaflet distribution as a marketing method because of its cost-effectiveness.

But what should you consider when you start creating your leaflet?

5 Top Tips For An Effective Leaflet Campaign…

1-Headline (BOLD)

Headlines are key as they are usually the first thing you will see on the leaflet so a headline could be either your brand/ business name or a powerful message. They need to be bold, colourful and pretty much IN YOUR FACE

2-Content (MESSAGE)

Text on your leaflet has to be adapted to your audience. If your advertising to teen’s you can’t really be writing too informative as they will get bored after reading a few sentences and you can’t write in ‘slang’ if your audience are more mature. Most leaflets are A5/A4 sizes so you don’t have much space to write meaning you have to make every single sentence worthwhile as you need to get your message across at least in the first paragraph!

3-Contact details (OOOPS)

All leaflets need contact details on them and they must be the correct details, it is very easy to miss-type an address, phone number and email so double CHECK!

4-Call to action (SALE!)

20% off for first time customer deals are great this is a great call to action for your audience. If your advertising a sale offer include on this an expiry date to make your audience want to not miss out. A great call to action is maybe a tear-off coupon and maybe a barcode which mobile users can scan to access the deal.

5-Printing and Distribution (Decision)


A6, A5, A4, Folded, Non folded, Full colour?, 150-300 gsm and quantity are all important factors of your leaflet print and decisions you can only make.


Best option: Solus, GPS Tracked – Quantity of leaflets is quite an easy decision to make from 1,000-200,000+.